The "Me" of "We


I have been a resident home owner in Alameda for

forty years.

My friend Ward Sanders once said that I am interested

in everything. It wasn't complimentary but there is a lot

of truth to it. My many interests will be reflected in

these pages. Most of my forty years have been devoted

to family, business, and professional  matters including

science and technology. For ten years I was a clinical

instructor (Assistant Clinical Professor) at U.C.S.F.

I have followed national and world political and social matters. In the

very early sixties I analyzed and criticized a position paper by the  U.S.

State Department on our involvement in South East Asia. They

withdrew the paper. (It didn't stop the build to war.)

In the mid sixties I criticize a U.S. AID official working in Peru. I was investigated. I was told that three FBI agents were all over my neighborhood bothering everybody. My neighbors were so concerned that they didn't dare tell me for a few weeks. I now think the AID guy I had attacked was the CIA head of station for that part of Latin America.

I was mentioned in a few words during the hearing of the Senate Select Committee investigating the break in at the Watergate complex.

I am a former President of the Alameda Island Poets chapter of the state wide California Federation of Chaparral Poets and have been a supporter of the Frank Bette Center for the Arts..

The last few years I have paid attention to the operation of the City as well as to wider issues in the World at large..

I look forward to support and to editorial contributions, criticism and corrections..